Shisha Shake Franchise

Franchise Opportunities

The Shisha Shake franchise offers a complete ‘Turnkey’ offer to our franchisees, from location selection, planning process, lounge design, staff recruitment and store training. We do it all with you, our customer service specialist and shisha experts will ensure that your staff training is outstanding, which creates the best possible start for any business.

ShishaShake is actively seeking motivated individuals to become franchisees. Prior business experience, coupled with personal financial qualifications, individual motivation and a track record of success are important factors in our evaluation process. . If you are interested in pursuing a franchising opportunities as a Shisha Shake franchisee, please complete our in depth franchise application and a Shisha Shake representative will contact you to discuss.

Why invest in a Shisha Shake Franchise?

> Property location and negotiation on your behalf

> We will design and manage the decoration of your lounge

> All equipment and consumables will be sourced and provided

> Full training provided on and off site

> Grand opening support for a flying start to your business


Do I need previous experience in franchising to be a ShishaShake franchise partner?
This is not an essential requirement although having previous experience in management and operation of a business in a similar business sector would be highly commended. It would make your application stronger if you have had experience in owning a franchise.

How do I get started?
Please send your contact information and address to and we will send you an information booklet and application form, please complete this with as much detail as possible.

Does ShishaShake offer financing?
No, we do not offer any financing. If additional finance is required this must be done independently.

What is the initial fee and royalty fee of opening a franchise?
Initial Fee: £10,000

Franchise set-up cost: minimum of £50,000

Royalty fees: 20% of gross sales

Advertising fee: 2% of gross sales or a minimum of £2000 per annum

Every franchisee is also required to purchase all consumables, marketing and branding material from an approved ShishaShake supplier.

Can I open the franchise as a partnership?
Franchises can be opened as a partnership, although partnerships cannot consist of more than two partners.

Will I have assistance in purchasing equipment and supplies?
ShishaShake will provide most equipment and supplies, and we will be at your side every step of the way to assist you with the complete process.

How many ShishaShake franchises can I open?
There is no limit to how many franchises you can open provided all criteria are met. However, for new franchise partners we would advise to open one franchise initially.

What training will I receive when opening a franchise?
We provide comprehensive bespoke training for all new franchise partners. Franchise partners will spend a minimum of four weeks in an existing ShishaShake lounge; this will involve a combination of one to one training and real hands on experience in all aspects of the business. We will also assist you in the beginning stages of opening any branch by sending experienced staff from one of our existing branches to help train your new staff.

How long does it take from initial application to opening a ShishaShake franchise?
This can vary greatly and is dependent on a number of factors such as applicants’ financial status, planning permissions and other legal requirements.