About Shisha Shake

ShishaShake is the perfect place to enjoy the art of shisha. We have a relaxing atmosphere with leather sofa seating and mixed music, ShishaShake lets you unwind and get away from it all. We proudly serve only the highest quality products using top-of-the-line shishas, premium coconut coals, and select tobaccos, so that every shisha is exceptional.

We are one of the first Shisha Lounges in Hatfield, Hertfordshire to offer healthier alternatives to smoking shisha so our customers have a conscious-free shisha experience.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to share our passion of shisha with our customers through unrivalled customer service and quality shisha. We strive to create an environment which is relaxing and inviting while establishing ourselves as one of the most knowledgeable hookah lounges in the industry.

Our goal is to revolutionise the shisha lounge industry through constant product knowledge and superior shisha preparation, and to educate the community about the traditions, purpose and risks of smoking shisha. We desire to integrate our faith into our establishment where integrity, service and relationships are our top priorities.

Our Coal

To eliminate bad burning odours and excessive smoke-carbon monoxide we only use 100% natural coconut coal. They are hard to source but the best and most wanted shisha coal on the market. The coal is comprised of only natural coconut shells and have no other added combustibles (unlike instant lights which have gun powder in them which give out a poisonous smoke on lighting up.) Coconut coal burns slowly and naturally we ensure all the coal are fully lit and slightly ashed before we place them on your shisha.

Our Flavours

Our range of shisha flavours are only branded either Al Fakher, or Starbuzz.

Al fakher is market leader in the shisha industry and is a premium brand of flavoured Molasses manufactured in United Arab Emirates. Al Fakher Molasses is the highest quality Molasses in the world market and is made from the highest grade of Virginia Molasses leaves and the finest European flavours. Al Fakher Molasses is renowned for its thick flavourful smoke lasting approximately 1½ hours per bowl.

Starbuzz Tobacco is a high grade shisha produced in the USA. It is a popular brand known for its unique flavours and strong taste. Starbuzz has three different flavour groups Regular, Starbuzz Bold and Starbuzz Acid.

The non-tobacco alternative that we are promoting the use of is manufactured by Aroma and comes in a range of flavours. We do also cater for those who would like the authentic, traditional shisha tobacco molasses.

Our Shishas

All of our shishas are made by the renowned shisha pipe company Khalil Mahmoon. Their pipes are known to be versatile, durable, great to smoke from and most of all, they are made from materials which do not react to shisha smoke to produce carcinogens and dangerous gases (which most are unaware of.)

We fully understand the dangers of smoking, and keep our customers fully aware of these dangers. However, unlike many other shisha lounges in and around London, we are one of the first to try offering herbal flavours and to use safer coal alternatives instead of the traditional instant lights or lump wood.